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For comprehensive grease trap cleaning in Portland, Oregon, call the experts at Veggie Scout Septic Tank Pumping. You can count on our plumbing professionals to clean and maintain your kitchen grease traps properly. We proudly serve all commercial kitchens in Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding areas.

As a commercial kitchen operator, it is vital to maintain a clean, safe, and fully functional kitchen. Your business needs to maintain its grease traps according to the local ordinances. Unaddressed issues with your grease traps can lead to expensive plumbing emergencies.

Trusted Grease Trap Cleaning Services Anytime, Anywhere

We have a team of waste removal experts that can meticulously clean grease traps to fully eliminate grease, food, and debris from your system. We maintain accurate records of grease trap cleaning for our customers.

Veggie Scout Septic Tank Pumping ensures that your business maintains health department guidelines by providing all the required paperwork and documents. We also offer septic tank pumping at your business or commercial property.

Grease Trap Pumping, Cleaning, and Processing

We are Portland’s premier grease trap cleaning and removal service provider. We are well-trained and well-equipped to handle all your grease traps needs. We are fully licensed and meet all state, county, and Portland’s regulations.

Moreover, we don’t simply clean out your grease traps. We remove, treat, and dispose of grease, too. We have a state-of-the-art waste treatment facility that allows us to process, treat, and dispose of grease to the highest environmental standards.

Our excellent service doesn’t stop there. Our team will also take care of all the necessary paperwork, so you don’t have to bother with it.

When you choose us as your grease trap service provider, you’ll no longer have to worry about your grease trap maintenance. Our grease trap cleaning services are available at competitive prices. The best part is, you can set up a regular schedule of maintenance with us so you can focus on your business, not on your grease traps. 

Restaurant Grease Removal

Veggie Scout Septic Tank Pumping is a full-service septic and plumbing company. We perform a thorough inspection of your lines and grease interceptor. Our grease trap cleaning for restaurants will clean and scrape the interior walls, baffles, and drainage lines of your system.

Our team of experts will remove grease buildup and grease accumulation. We care about the environment and help you keep your kitchen safe and clean.

Grease traps that are well-maintained ensure that your kitchen operates problem-free. If you are a commercial kitchen operator, call us today. Our team will work hard to meet and exceed all of your grease trap needs.

Call the Grease Trap Experts!

At Veggie Scout Septic Tank Pumping, we can set up a regular schedule to service and clean your grease traps. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction when you choose us as your grease trap service provider.

Call us today at (503) 975-8615 for all your septic tank inquiries. Veggie Scout Septic Tank Pumping proudly serves Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding areas.

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